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Professional Indemnity

A professional indemnity policy will protect professional businesses against third party claims for financial compensation resulting from their or their employees’ negligence.

Standard cover includes:



Business Interruption

Public Liability

Employers Liability


What charity insurance coverage do I need?

There are several ways in which Professional Indemnity Insurance works. It will protect you in case of a dispute with a client due to a mistake you made when providing professional services. A claim that becomes complicated can be defended by your insurer all the way to the High Court, if need be. The policy will cover you for any damages you become responsible for if you lose, subject to the level of cover you choose

You will also be covered for rectification costs if you make a mistake, which will help you avoid being forced to file a larger claim.

It is important to consider the value of the work you are doing for your clients as well as the potential financial impact it may have if something goes wrong when determining the amount of Professional Indemnity cover you need.