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Private Medical Insurance

Group Private Medical Insurance is a a valuable employee benefit for your organization, offering your staff the peace of mind that they will receive exceptional care in times of illness.

This benefit not only supports your employees but also helps in minimizing absenteeism in your company. Our expert advisors are here to guide you in determining the ideal coverage for your business and your valued team.”


Group critical illness insurance

What are the business benefits of private healthcare?

Private Medical Insurance fosters employee loyalty and diminishes turnover rates within your company.

Moreover, it provides your workforce with the benefits of routine health check-ups, faster access to medical professionals, and quicker recovery times, ultimately reducing instances of employee absenteeism.

Invest in the well-being of your team and the efficiency of your business with Private Medical Insurance.

Expert advice from Prima Insurance Brokers

With a wealth of experience spanning multiple years, we are the trusted experts in Private Medical Insurance We make it our mission to thoroughly understand each organization’s unique needs, forging a strong and dependable partnership.