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Landlord Emergency Insurance

Safeguarding rental properties is crucial for landlords. At Prima Insurance, we understand the urgency and importance of protecting your rental assets. Our specialised insurance solutions are designed for landlord emergency situations.

Whether it’s a sudden property issue like a burst pipe or electrical failure, our insurance covers an array of emergencies, ensuring your rental properties are protected and your tenants’ well-being is maintained.


Landlord Emergency insurance
Complementing our insurance expertise, we provide tailored support and guidance, recognising the unique needs of landlords. Our dedicated team collaborates closely with you to evaluate risks, recommend appropriate coverage, and offer continuous support, ensuring that your rental properties remain secure.

At Prima Insurance, we are committed to assisting landlords in navigating emergency situations and safeguarding their rental assets, allowing you to focus on providing secure and comfortable living spaces for your tenants.

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With a wealth of experience spanning multiple years, we are the trusted experts in property insurance. We make it our mission to thoroughly understand each organization’s unique needs, forging a strong and dependable partnership.