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Critical Illness Insurance

Critical illness cover is designed to provide financial protection upon diagnosis of a specific illness, medical condition or disability specified within the policy. In the event of a claim, a critical illness insurance policy will provide a tax-free lump sum (defined at the outset) to the policyholder who can then use these funds as they wish.

In light of the circumstances, the money received from critical illness cover is typically used to supplement income, pay off outstanding debts, cover financial outgoings or pay for any alterations needed to your home (wheelchair access, for example). A policy will only usually pay out once in the event of a claim during the term and then cease.


Group critical illness insurance

Why take out Critical Illness Cover?

Mortgage: How will your Mortgage be paid in the event of you suffering a critical illness. If your family would be left unable to pay the mortgage your home could be repossessed.

Your current cover: Are your existing provisions, from my employer, the government and savings, sufficient to cover my financial obligations for an indefinite period? If not you may need extra cover.

Your family: Would my dependents/family be able to look after themselves if I was incapacitated due to illness or would they need support? Not just your mortgage but to cover everyday bills and living expenses.

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