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Mortgage Protection

The purpose of mortgage protection insurance is to protect the asset you have a loan on – your home. So, if you were to pass away before you finished paying off your mortgage and during the policy term, your loved ones would be able to continue living in the home, because the insurance would help pay off the rest of the loan.

With this sort of policy, you pay the same premiums for the policy term, and the value of your policy gradually reduces until it reaches £0 once the policy expires – and decreases in line with your mortgage (or other repayment loan). A benefit of decreasing cover, as opposed to level or increasing cover, is that the value of the policy is enough to repay the loan, and the premium is usually lower than for other types of cover.


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Why take out mortgage protection?

Cost: Mortgage Protection Insurance decreases in cover amount over time as you pay off your mortgage. Due to this, your premiums will be lower when compared to a Term Insurance policy.

The unforeseen: If the unthinkable were to happen and you were no longer around for your family, taking out a Mortgage Protection policy will ensure the repayments on your family home will be made and your family would not have to worry about their living situation.

Mortgage requirement: Many lenders will require that you take out Mortgage Protection in order to get a mortgage. This ensures that the lender will be able to recuperate the mortgage value in the event of you no longer being able to make payment.

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