Tips To Become A More Environmentally Friendly Landlord

A major issue, climate change has gained much attention across many industries and among many individuals. As a landlord, it is important to take a close look at your rental properties to ensure they are getting the most use while remaining environmentally friendly.

Being a landlord who promotes more sustainable and environmentally friendly practices, not only reduces carbon emissions but will also make your rental properties more attractive to those possible tenants looking to let.

According to Business Insider (2019), younger generations such as millennials, are increasingly conscious of the environment and the positive impact that reducing carbon emission could do on the world. If we think about it, this generation is more likely to rent a property than an older age group. 

If you are a landlord and you’re considering having a greener property, we are here to show you how.


1. Installing a smart meter:

Having a smart meter helps to reduce energy waste by forecasting demand more efficiently. 

2. Showerheads:

Using a low-flow showerhead halves the amount of water that is being used whilst maintaining the same level of water pressure. This is a simple and inexpensive option. 

3. Go paperless:

Another simple change is to ask your tenants if they are happy to go paperless and receive any documents via email. 

4. Make sure all your houses have sufficient recycling options:

Most councils will now provide multiple bins for recycling, ensuring your properties have all the correct bins allows the tenants to recycle optimally. 

5. Use LED bulbs

Old style bulbs only last one fifth the length of time that LED bulbs last. Added to this, they use less electricity than old style bulbs. 


If you are thinking of being conscientious these are some really easy changes you can make!

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