Public Liability Insurance

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Public liability Insurance

Public liability Insurance is a core protection required by businesses, even self-employed sole traders. If any of your business activities result in injury to a client, contractor or member of the public, or damage to their property, public liability is there to cover the cost of claims made as a result. 

Does my business really need public liability insurance?

For many businesses, it’s obvious they require public liability insurance. For example, companies working in the construction industry, such as scaffolders, will have cover in place worth millions of pounds, because of the kind of work they do in a public setting. 

But all business owners should seek public liability cover because, despite taking the greatest care possible, accidents will happen, affecting clients, visitors or members of the public. 

Even If you run a business from home, you should consider public liability although clients may never visit you, as you might accidentally cause damage or injury while on their premises. In addition, many companies require their suppliers to have comprehensive public liability cover, no matter what size they are. 

The cost of public liability claims

The growth of ‘no win no fee’ legal services, targeted at people seeking compensation, can increase the possibility of your business facing a claim. Even if it proves to be unfounded, dealing with this can be expensive if you do not have insurance in place to cover the costs.

There are other kinds of liability insurance required by businesses, such as employees liability (in case of injury to your staff) or product liability should you receive a claim that one of your products has caused harm or injury. Such cover can be provided with Public Liability in combined policies, or individually, depending on your needs and circumstances. Prima Insurance can advise on which will suit you best.

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