My first month at Prima…

My first month at Prima Insurance has been nothing but learning every day. Prima allowed me the opportunity to start fresh in something that I truly feel passionate about, that is marketing and the design world. I must admit, not having work experience in the industry was a bit intimidating, however, I am proud to say that since my first day, I have made newspaper adverts, social media posts, created email marketing campaigns, and written articles for our website, all in one month.

Prima believes in self-improvement, I was provided with the opportunity to do a CIM Digital Marketing Course alongside my workload, allowing me to have both academic and work experience. I feel grateful to have joined a company where one’s growth is a priority. Not to mention having a bunch of great colleagues, honest and caring management who would do anything to make you feel part of a team and where your ideas and opinion matter.

Working for an Insurance company is something that I never imagined I would be part of. As a Marketing Executive, I’ve been doing a lot of research about the industry, read a considerable number of articles, worked alongside the leading insurers in the UK and met knowledgeable people in the business. Insurance is an industry that I never fully understood as there are many different types and levels of insurance. I am confident to say I now fully appreciate how important it is what we do, we help people, businesses, families, you name it! We are doing something good for our society and that’s what life is about.

The ambience in the office is fun, inspiring and comfortable, I like to start my morning with a good cup of coffee, freshly ground coffee beans and frothed almond milk! Catching up about life is a must and then straight into the fun bit! Designing and creating for our brand.

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