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Landlord Insurance

If you rent out commercial or residential property, you need to ensure it is adequately insured. Cover can be provided for the building, contents, loss of rent, public liability and your obligations to tenants, but it varies greatly from one policy to another. For example, does it include malicious damage by tenants and, if so, what are the limits of cover? Prima will check these important details.


This is required when you rent out part or all of a building you own, and can cover a wide range of uses including business, educational or religious. Remember, different uses may bring varying levels of risk, something to be factored in when agreeing to the tenancy.

In addition, you need to make sure your insurance covers the full rebuild cost of your premises, not its market value, should it be severely damaged by fire, flood, etc.  Again, we will see that significant costs such as debris removal, site clearance, and architects fees are covered.


As with commercial, this can be arranged for a single building or a portfolio of properties. It can, and should, also extend to unoccupied premises. For landlords with portfolios, a single date for all premium payments can be arranged if preferred.

In addition, the same rules apply about ensuring cover extends to the full rebuild cost of your property. If you are unsure about this, you can employ a RICS (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors) approved surveyor to give you a figure.  

Prima always works closely with clients to reduce the risk attached to their insurance proposal, so they can get the most competitive quote. In the case of landlords, this is aligned with your legal responsibilities to provide safe rented accommodation.  So, for example, you must ensure all gas and electrical systems have been professionally tested and approved and that fire safety regulations are being followed.

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