Combined Commercial Insurance

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Combined Commercial Insurance

Every business needs a range of insurances to cover different aspects of what they do.  Rolling them into a single combined policy can make life a lot easier. One set of quotes, one application, one policy, covering the main risks you face.


The different uses for Commercial Combined policies

We can ensure your commercial combined insurance will include ‘must-haves’ such as Employers and Public Liability and, depending on your business, other essentials like Stock and Raw Materials and Business Equipment cover. Then, if you require other specialist insurance, this can be catered for in separate policies.

In this way, commercial combined policies can also be useful for businesses that have more complex insurance requirements, for example covering goods or equipment in many different locations and situations –  your factory, warehouse, back of a van or computers used by your travelling sales team.


Make sure you are fully covered

Taking professional advice on insurance protection can be an eye-opener for SMEs in particular, who may not realise the range of issues and accidents they may potentially be liable for.

Even then, finding the time to compare different policies and quotations can be off-putting. That’s why many companies opt for a commercial combined policy which, perhaps not surprisingly, is the most common form of business insurance used in the UK.

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